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Pastor Dave Twiss has been married to his wife, Laura since 1982. They have three wonderful children, Melissa Timony and her husband James, Heather Cicilioni and her husband John, and Thomas. Next to God, his love and passion is for his wife and children. In their family, ministry is a family affair.


He was raised here at Green Ridge Assembly and grew up in a home where his parents served as volunteers in various ministry positions at Green Ridge Assembly as well. He grew up in Scranton, and graduated from Scranton Central High School. He feels that he has been called to minister here to the people of Green Ridge Assembly as well as to the community as a whole.


He has served as lead pastor of Green Ridge Assembly since March of 2005, and has served fulltime as a staff pastor since 1986. He was also involved as a lay leader for a number of years previous to going on staff fulltime. He also serves as the Presbyter for the Northeast Section of the Pennsylvania-Delaware District of the Assemblies of God Ministry Network.


His ministry passions include preaching, worshipping, and serving. He believes that all his time is spent in the presence of the Lord, and enjoys His fellowship in all his endeavors. His hobbies include learning, participating in sports, and all things outdoors. He has a large garden and holds his time outdoors as personal therapy time.

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Pastor Dave Twiss has served as lead pastor of Green Ridge Assembly since 2005, and as a full-time staff pastor since 1986. Before becoming a staff full-time, he was involved as a lay leader for a number of years.


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